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The Advocacy Masterclass - HumaniseHealth 126

What is the Advocacy Masterclass?

Healthcare advocacy is the process of working to improve the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and populations through the promotion of policies and practices that support the provision of high-quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare services. The Advocacy Masterclass will equip you with information, tips and skills on each of these areas so that you gain a deeper understanding of all aspects of healthcare advocacy. With videos from Australia’s leading health advocacy experts and a wide range of supporting resources, you will learn all aspects of healthcare advocacy.

What format do the classes take?

There are currently 14 separate modules, each with multiple chapters. You can learn at your own pace and tackle the modules chronologically, or in the order that feels most relevant to your area of work. In addition to our expert videos, you will find a wide range of downloadable exercises and articles, as well as carefully curated links to relevant third-party resources, to take your learning further.

How long is each class?

Each class varies in length, depending on the topic. Some modules can be completed within an hour, whereas other modules have many chapters. The beauty of Advocacy Masterclass is that you can learn at your own pace. The modular nature of the Advocacy Masterclass means you can learn about topics in any order you want.

Do I have to complete the class within a specific time frame?

You have unlimited access to the Advocacy Masterclass for the duration of your purchased licence. While your subscription to Advocacy Masterclass is active, there is no limit to the number of videos you can watch, and re-watch.
See our Terms of Service for more information.

Does my year of access with the annual membership start on my purchase date, or when I enrol in a class?

Access to your annual membership begins on the date you subscribe to the annual membership.
*If you’ve purchased the annual membership as a gift for someone else, their year of access will begin when they activate their gift.

What does the annual membership include?

With an annual membership, you have unlimited personal access to the entire Advocacy Masterclass, including all downloadable resources.

Am I able to interact with the experts?

If you want to take you advocacy learning even further, our hosts Krystal Barter and Shelly Horton are available for corporate training. Please contact us for more information.

Which topics are covered in the Advocacy Masterclass?

You can see the full list of modules and chapters here

What type of device / browser do I need?

You can view classes on any internet-enabled device, on any modern browser.

Are there assignments with the class?

There are exercises for most modules that guide you to reflect on your learnings and develop your understanding further. However, these are not compulsory although we would encourage you to complete each exercise to get the most out of the Advocacy Masterclass

Can I download the videos?

The video lessons are not available to download. They may only be streamed from within your individual login.

Can I give the Advocacy Masterclass as a gift?

Yes! There is a ‘Gift’ option available on every membership option.

Let’s kickstart your advocacy learning

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