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The Masterclass was created with no sponsorship and is, and always will be, free for patients and carers who are not employed as professional advocates or by a health charity, NGO, or within industry. However, in order to allow the Masterclass to thrive, be sustainable and evolve, and for us to support patients and carers who need it most, please do take out a paid subscription if you work in the field, or are in a financial position to be able to support the program.

Patient / Carer


This membership option is free to patients and carers who live in Australia or New Zealand and who are not employed in a professional capacity within health charities, NGOs or industry. We are committed to helping you advocate for yourself more effectively and want to make your lived experience a bit easier.

Professional Advocates


This membership option is for professional advocates who are paid for their time and expertise. This cost-effective option ensures we can continue to re-invest into The Advocacy Masterclass to reach more people and grow our educational offering.

Industry / Organisation


This membership option is suitable for those employed professionally within the healthcare and advocacy sectors.

Bespoke Package

If you’re a business and would like a bespoke package including live webinars, presentations, Q&A’s, staff onboarding packages and more.

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