Krystal Barter

Health Advocate, Entrepreneur. Founder and CEO, Humanise Health

Krystal Barter is a true purpose-driven entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in advocacy and not-for-profit. Krystal is fearless when it comes to driving transformational change in the healthcare landscape. Krystal’s story and purpose were born out of the sheer determination to break the cycle of cancer that has plagued her family for generations (mother diagnosed at 36, Nan 44, and Great-grandmother 68). Armed with the knowledge that she was a carrier of a cancer-causing genetic mutation, BRCA1, she decided to change her future and take control of her health.

Krystal founded Pink Hope, a not-for-profit focused on ensuring other families like hers had answers, knowledge, and options to determine and mitigate their own cancer risk.

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