Module 2 – Core Patient Advocacy Skills

In this module, we cover the core skills you need to be an advocate, how to create a plan to build your advocacy work, and how to have conversations about money to ensure you have sufficient funds to support your advocacy work. 

We hear from three inspirational advocates:  Ann Maree Mulders, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer; Tracy Bevan, co-founder of McGrath Foundation, a breast cancer support organisation; and Jessica Bean, who has cystic fibrosis and is an international speaker and empowerment coach for women. 

Learn how their support, resources and commitment to advocacy has positively impacted the lives of 1000s of patients and their families. 

  • Chapter 1. Core skills advocates need
  • Chapter 2. Building a plan for your advocacy
  • Chapter 3. How to ask for money
  • Chapter 4. Case Study – Ann-Maree Mulders – Ovarian cancer advocate
  • Chapter 5. Case Study – Jessica Bean – Cystic Fibrosis advocate
  • Exercise and Additional Resources

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