Module 4 – Collaboration Meets Dialogue

The most successful advocates and advocacy organisations bring about change through collaboration with others and effective, impactful dialogue. In this module, you’ll be taken through some of the key collaborative relationships advocates need to ensure success, including working with industry and government, celebrities and their agents, and other important ambassadors that can help your cause. We will also help you understand some of the regulations and codes that you will need to adhere to when working with certain groups.

  • Chapter 1. Understanding the industry & regulations – Medicines Australia
  • Chapter 2. How to collaborate with industry, government and established organisations
  • Chapter 3. Working with agencies and celebrities
  • Chapter 4. Working with ambassadors
  • Chapter 5. Successful corporate partnerships
  • Chapter 6. Continuity of care - Pathology Australia & Medicines Australia
  • Chapter 7. Case Study - Pink Hope, BRCA
  • Chapter 8. Case Study – Rare Cancers, Pinnacle
  • Exercise and Additional Resources

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