Cassandra Kelly

Cassandra is a highly regarded leader and continues to enjoy a global career advising, operating businesses and leading teams. She is a private coach to influential leaders, both corporate and political. Outside of working with large multinationals and advising on panels like the Global Tech Panel, she has her own experience as an entrepreneur as Co-founder of a multiple award-winning business, Pottinger.

Her cut through and commitment to action inspires the same in others.

Her speaking engagements take her around the world to speak on many of our most pressing issues at forums including the G20, European Union, African Union, World Government Summit and NATO.

She has never lost sight of the importance of accelerating the empowerment and success of women and has personally paved the way for hundreds of women from organizations like Unilever, Microsoft, Kraft, Virgin and BHP to take prominent roles in the workplace. She is very clear that her work isn’t done and continues her work with committed women through her WomanUp! program.

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